1 Request a date for the tournament from Joe Hernon, Galway R/J secretary, at least 10 days prior to date. Failure to apply at least 10 days in advance of date will result in permission being denied. Tournaments held without permission of the Galway Co. Board will result in disciplinary action. Clubs holding unauthorised tournaments will get a €100 fine and will be forbidden to hold another tournament for twelve months.
2 Request permission from the Galway Co. Board / Connacht Council to bring in boxers from outside Galway. A text message to the secretary of the Galway Co. Board is sufficient. (Permission is also needed when taking boxers outside Galway)
3 Request permission from the Galway Co. Board / Connacht Council / and National association to bring in boxers from outside Ireland. (Permission is also needed when taking boxers outside Ireland)
4 All contests must now be judged on 10 – 9 paper scoring or computer with the new software. The T.I. must not allow the tournament go ahead using the old clicker scoring or old computer scoring system. It is the responsibility of the organising club to supply judging papers for the tournament.
5 The Tournament Inspector will be appointed by the Galway R/J. The organising club shall arrange the referees and judges. It is their responsibility to have enough qualified R/J. The organising club must also supply a timekeeper and M.C. who must be seated at ringside. With the new scoring system, the T.I. will not be able to assist with any of these functions. The T.I. has the power to cancel a tournament if the arrangements for the tournament are not satisfactory or if at any stage during the tournament there are not enough R/J.
6 The Tournament Inspector must ensure that only qualified R/J are allowed to officiate at the tournament. A full list of qualified R/J in Galway is on the Galway Boxing web site or available from Galway R/J. The T.I. must ensure that R/J outside Galway are fully qualified and have done the seminar on the 10 – 9 scoring system.
7 The Tournament Inspector must ensure that qualified medical personnel are in attendance. Qualified medical personnel include a doctor, Red Cross, Civil Defence, Order of Malta, St John’s Ambulance or qualified paramedic. A registered nurse, psychiatric nurse or personnel with first aid courses does not qualify for medical cover at a tournament. Under no circumstances can the tournament be held without proper medical cover as per rule 96.
8 The Tournament Inspector’s report form and the score sheets shall be returned to the Galway R/J within two weeks. If any incident or trouble occurs at the tournament, a separate written report should accompany the Tournament Inspector’s report.
9 All boxers shall produce their up to date boxing record book before they can take part in the tournament.
10 All female boxers (18 or over) must sign “pregnancy declaration form” in the presence of the Tournament Inspector. The “pregnancy declaration form” for female boxers (under 18) must signed by the boxer and the parent / guardian in the presence of the Tournament Inspector.
11 The maximum number of contests in any tournament including exhibitions shall be sixteen. Exhibitions shall be allowed at the discretion of the Tournament Inspector. All boxers taking part in exhibitions must produce their record book or medical cert passed by Dr Faller.
12 As passed at the last Galway Co. Board AGM, the tournament fee of €20 shall be paid to the Tournament Inspector before the start of the first contest.