Galway League 2014

Wednesday 30th October at 7 15pm in Conemara boxing gym

b1 31kg Kevin Fahy oard v John Ward c camp
b1 33kg John OConnell Oard v Tommy Donovan c camp
b1 33kg Padraic Folan conn v Martin Ward c camp
b1 37kg Paddy Delaney oly v Lawrence Ward c camp
b1 39kg Ronan Conneely gbc v Bernard Sweeney c camp
b1 39kg Thomas McDonagh oly v Thomas Donohue c camp
b1 42kg Cian Hernon oard v Martin OBrien oly
b1 42kg Eanna Daviern oard v John mcDonagh oly
b1 44kg Pj Ward oly v Patrick Stokes c camp
b1 50kg Shay Molloy Oard v Charlie Ward c camp
b1 67kg Liam Griffin gbc v Edward McDonagh oly

b2 31kg Peter Mannion conn v Dean Shaw Flaherty gbc
b2 39kg Antony Curran 0ard v Bernie McDonagh oly
b2 42kg Padraic McDonagh conn v Thomas Kinnevey oard

b3 48kg Cathal Mulkerrins conn v Johnny Myers oly

b4 40kg Peter Teirney oard v Edward Barrett oly
b4 62kg Joe McDonagh conn v David kyne corrib
b4 67kg Oisin Lee conn v Dean McDonagh corrib

y1 64kg Sean Folan conn v Branden Kyne corrib

y2 66kg Thomas Lee conn v Frankie Donovan oly

u18 63kg Michael ODonnell conn v Colm Molloy oard
u18 75kg Antony Walsh conn v Matthew Collins corrib

Contact Stephen Molloy on 087 2021449 if any boxer cannot compete.
All boxers will be weighed in and must bring their record books with them.
Their is a 5 euro entry fee to be paid on the scales.